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Do it yourself

This project emerged from the need to meet an increasing demand for quality products and solutions - of Portuguese origin - that allow carrying out small works or repairs without the intervention of specialised personnel.

Our "DO IT YOURSELF" line is available in packages of up to 1.5 kg. Among a wide range of products, we highlight in particular the CRACK FILLER, to cover holes and cracks in the walls, the TILE ADHESIVE, which allows you to easily replace cracked tiles at low cost, and the CONCRETE REPAIR MORTAR, ideal for repairing cracks, gaps, and corners of concrete columns.

Portland Cement 1.5 KG
(available in white and grey)
Suitable for laying all kinds of ceramic bricks and concrete blocks, levelling walls and repairing cement floors
Tile Adhesive 1.5 kg
(available in white and grey)
Single-component tile adhesive for fixing small and medium-sized ceramic tiles to floors and interior walls on cementitious surfaces
Flexible Tile Adhesive 1.5 kg
(available in white and grey)
Tile adhesive made of a mixture of binders for fixing porcelain, stones and marble with low porosity. For fixing tiles up to 60x40cm to fašades, and in some cases tile on tile. For interior and exterior surfaces
Plastering / Patching mortar 1.5 kg
(available in white and grey)
Ready-mixed plastering mortar for interior and exterior walls and ceilings. Can also be used for patching holes in masonry
Refractory Mortar / Barbecues and Fireplaces 1.5 KG For assembling barbecues, fireplaces, refilling joints, fixing refractory bricks or tiles, for all types of tiles subject to high temperatures. Can also be used in masonry in contact with aggressive waters, sulphates or acids with pH > 5
Waterproof Membrane 1.5 kg Elastic waterproofing membrane for interior surfaces to waterproof gutters, terraces, balconies and roofs
Concrete repair mortar 1.5 kg Ideal for repairing cracks, gaps, corners of columns and all types of structural concrete repair. Also used for levelling concrete surfaces
Fairing coat mortar 1.5 kg
(available in grey)
For aesthetic repair of fair-faced concrete. Can be used as fine finishing mortar
Finishing plaster 1 kg
Finishing plaster to be applied to previously plastered interior walls and ceilings for a smooth finish
Rapid-setting tile adhesive 1.5 kg
(up to 6 hours)
For interior and exterior floors and fašades. For all rapid renovation works or works that require fast-drying setting
Rapid-setting mortar 1.5 kg For fixing metal elements, pipes, electrical boxes. For rapid repair
Modelling clay 1.5 kg For general pottery work
Gypsum 1 kg Used in the preparation of fillers and bitumen for making the fillers soft and easy to work
Plaster 1 kg Indicated for interior filling or repair. Can be applied directly to the substrate. Can be used in conservation and rehabilitation of wall cladding
Fine plaster 1 kg Suitable for plastering walls and ceilings using the traditional method. It allows fine finishing, repairing, finishing or performing decorative details
Iron oxides
(black, red, yellow and blue pigment)
Used to colour different materials. Mixing should always take place on dry material
Crack Filler 0.9 kg Extra-white, ready-to-apply filler for repairing interior surfaces, covering cracks, small holes and levelling walls in poor condition
Quicklime 1 kg Suitable for acidity control and improving soil properties. Used in gardening work
Stone Dust 1 kg Aggregate for bituminous mixtures used in construction work
Dry Sand 2 kg Suitable for a wide range of applications in the construction. Can be used as an aggregate in the preparation of mortars and concrete